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Point of Sales system for small businesses

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We try and make things easier for people through offering our services for a lower price. We will also be uploading some of the knowledge that we have gained in the process.


All the ad's on our site are so we can lower server costs.

All the ad's are done through google AdSense and may or may-not be targeted.



We are open to sponsors for brand placement, hardware supply and more.


We are willing to join an affiliate program and do some product reviews on our site.

Mimosa Lodge

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Not in the mood to cook dinner tomorrow evening??? Come on bring your families to Mimosa Lodge for dinner from 18h00 to 20:00

Check Out Phillip Jason

More Info On his latest album: Rampage


Fee Increase

Unfortunately we will need to increase the fees, due to server strain

The Meaning of `Market Closed`

The Market is closed due to not enough liquidity (aka. there is no $USD)

New Payment Method

We now accept XMR as a payment method